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Sell Properties
A 0170/8 helyrajzi számú ingatlan
0170/9 helyrajzi számú ingatlan:
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Zsámbék lies in Hungary, in country Pest, west of Budapest, 30 km from the ridge of a the Nyakas hill, on the north-western edge of the Zsámbéki pool - for what it served as a name giver town.

The rapidly developing town beside the M1 highway can be accessed from the 26th exit point, but can be reached from the 1th road as well.

The scenic beauty and the proximity to the capital of the over 30 km2 big city is catching the attention of many people, the population is growing therefore dynamically.

It?s industrial area is not significant yet, despite the Hungarian silicon-valley idea, what a group of investors would like to establish here - they already bought a part of the necessary land. Yet only a film studio was built nearby.

A defining part of the industrial zone is in the hands of the PEMÜ Co.Ltd., from what it already sold portions to the Wavin Group and to the QUALCHEM Co.Ltd.

Today, the 33,078 m2 industrial area and immediately adjacent 10,000 m2 arable land are falling under the property of the PEMÜ Co.Ltd.

The industrial estate is registered under two parcel numbers (0170 / 8 and 0170 / 9), it?s a contiguous area, with a common fence, arranged like You can find it in the annex.

The site is levelled, organized, easily accessible.

The property is established with all public utilities and has all the necessary technological equipments for operation. The established and available energy capacity on site, allows further expansion of the site.

The buildings were built between 1975 and 1977, with use of almost the same building systems and structural elements. The buildings can also be reached by truck and can be excessed from all around.


Property under parcel number 0170/8:

On the 22,599 m2 of land, are 6 superstructures

The plant site is a two-nave hall(2;3), with a total gross floor area of 3,240 m2.

The hall has a metal frame, with brick parapet-walls, above them, with copolit-glass in steel frame. The roof is a steel truss structure, covered by corrugated plates. The floor is made of heavy-duty concrete. The areas are divided into smaller spaces, which are variable.


The head-building(1) is located at the continuation of the industrial space, the two areas are permeable. The building has storeys, is a traditional brick building, with soft-plates insulated and has flat roof. Male and female sanitary facilities and locker rooms are established in the building. The first floor has a large common open space, from where the office spaces are opening, but there are toilets here also. The head-building has a 2,160 m2 gross floor area.

The area has also a, now disused, boiler house(4) with grossly 350 m2.

The Transformer house (8), with a gross area of 96 m2 can provide, with it?s own transformator (capacity: 1,650 kW), both areas with power. The building has brick walls and a flat roof.

The area houses a 100 m3 concrete water tank(7) and a pump-house(11) with a 144 m2 gross floor area.

Two warehouses are assisting the production, a so called open remise(5) (trusses standing on pipe-columns, with corrugated plate coverage) on 300 m2, and a closed-mobile storage(6) (lightweight structure, with trapezoidal panels) on 192 m2.

In the producing area and in the head-building, the old and outdated heating was abolished and without knowledge about the new, to be installed, function, it has not been designed, so that only gas is in place. Quota of 98 m3 / day.

The area has a 49 m3 per day qouta of water and waste water.


Property under parcel number 0170/9:

A workshop and a service room is located on the 10,479 m2 area. The workshop(9) has a 2,150 m2 gross floor area, currently divided into several small rooms, which are variable. The hall has a reinforced concrete frame, brick-parapet walls, above it, with copolit-glass with steel frame. The roof has corrugated plate coverage, with insulation underneath it. The heating is a modern radiant gas heating. WC and bath-dressing rooms are designed.

There is yet a 110 m2 gross floor area built, for the purpose of TMK(10) on the site, which is made of brick and has flat roof. The renovation, what was started, had the goal to establish a toilet and changing facilities and an office area as well.


Property under parcel number 0170 / 6

Outer periphery zone, with a classification of economic and commercial zone for building of housing and service facilities, buildable up to 40%.

The 10,000 m2 area has an alongside border directly to the property under parcel number 0170 / 9.

Az iparterület egy meghatározó része a PEMÜ Zrt tulajdonában van, melyből már értékesített a Wavin cégcsoportnak és a QUALCHEM Zrt-nek.

Ma a PEMÜ Zrt birtokát 33.078 m2 iparterület és ezzel közvetlenül határos 10.000 m2 szántó képezi.

Az iparterület két helyrajzi számon van (0170/8 hrsz.és 0170/9 hrsz.), összefüggő terület, közös kerítéssel, a mellékletben található elrendezésben.

A telek síkfelületű, rendezett, jól megközelíthető.

Az ingatlan összközműves és rendelkezik a telephely működtetéséhez szükséges technológiai berendezésekkel. A telephelyen kiépített és rendelkezésre álló energia kapacitások a telephely további bővítését teszik lehetővé.

A telephelyek épületei 1975 és 1977 között épültek, közel azonos szerkezeti elemek és építési rendszerek felhasználásával. Az épületek akár kamionnal is megközelíthetők és körbejárhatók.