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Soft foams

In the consequence of the extensive assortment of raw materials by the way of receptual changes it was tailored to the needs of the application area in point of the density, hardness, flexibility, in attenuation of the vibration alike. Surface treatment also can be solved (textiles, coating with leather).

Application area:

Automotive, furniture (seats, pillows, interior structural components


Volumetric weight
at charge: 40-60 kg/m3
Tensile strength: 130-140 KPpa
Elongation: 110-135%
Permanent deformation: 4-5%




Volumetric weight
at charge: 200 to 400 kg/m3
Tensile strength: 121-130 KPpa
Elongation: 100-115%
Permanent deformation: 0%...

Semisolid form foams

These foams arel relatively harder, more rigid than the soft foams. Their elongation is less their transformation back is slower, but complete. Excellent energy and sound absorbers, vibration supressors,

Application area:

Automotive (armature wall, shock absorbers), packaging (olvozes)

Integral formfoams

Those foam systems from which made products have non-porous surfaces with solid shell and the density gradually decreases towards the core of the product. There may be soft and hard, and small-, medium-high density categories various areas related to the different using areas.. The foamiung around of the various layers (metal, wood, plastic) is aso possible.

Application area:

Automotive (steering wheels, assembling transmissions, seats, headrests, handles, arm rests, bicycle seats and motorcycle seats, shock absorbers, decorative slats, mirrors), furniture (handles, armrests, seat backs), medicine (cushions, supports), sports equipment, protective equipment


Volumetric weight
at charge: 250 to 800 kg/m3
Hardness: 40-80 ° SHA
Tensile strength: 12.0 to 15.0 MPa
Elongation: 250-350%%
Továbbszakadási strength: 3-14 N / m



Volumetric weight
at charge: 1050-1150 kg/m3
Hardness: 40-80 ° SHD
Tensile strength: 20-70 MPa
Modulus E: 100 to 800 MPa
Elongation at break: 120-150%


RIM formfoams

The high-pressure injection molding of multicomponent reactive substances in a mixture, with very fast (<1 min) reaction time.The production of e xtremely tough, flexible cut profiles , form pieces is possible. The primary using o fit in the manufacturing of thin-walled cut profilesform pieces, where the good mechanical properties and the flexibility within the wide temperature effects is needed..

Application area :

Automotive industry (bumpers, car-body elements); various industries - based on the technical content

Hard formfoams

These are highly cross-linked systems. They are not meltable, solvent-and chemical-resistances of them are good. They are not rigid, but tough. In small film thickness they have a good insulating effect. They have a very good fluidity. The hard foamforms are suitable for the manufacturing of thin wall cut profiles having high mechanical properties, and with low form-decoupling time. By the he addition of a solid flame retardant they meet the flammability standard (UL94VO) regulations. The procedure results in subsequently well-paintable finish.

Application area :

Precision engineering (appliance boxes), a variety of covering, sealing elements.


Volumetric weight
at charge: 900-1100 kg/m3
Hardness: 70-80 ° SHD
Flexural strength: 30-35 N/mm2
E modulus: 1800-1900 N/mm2
Elongation: 13-15%


Töltési térfogatsúly: 40~60 kg/m3
Szakítószilárdság: 130-140 KPpa
Szakadási nyúlás: 110-135 %
Maradó alakváltozás: 4-5 %