PEMÜ Zrt. - Special - Szilicone
Silicone plant
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The PEMÜ Co. has been engaged in the processing of the siliconecaoutchouc - mainly with the manufacturing and marketing of extruded and molded products. We play a dominant role on the Hungarian machinery - , foodstuff - and medical markets. Our products are marketed under the brand name PEMÜSIL. All of our silicone products may be characterized by their high heat resistance, expressively good UV and ozone resistance and high chemical resistance .
Our plant has been performing as an additional, auxiliary activity of the manufacturing of the soft PVC pipes and profils for our clients since 2004 . Professionals of the plant with their several decades of experience in the operation, and our flexible manufacturing system allow us to be able to serve immediately our basic products (versed-sized tubes, tightening flaps, pressed sheets, stripes ) from the stock even in small-batches, and we can realize unique, individual needs in the course of a short time.The information contained on our site, our product catalogs may help you in solving your technical problems. Should you have any questions, please contact our professional coordination manager!