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PU-Elastomer plant
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The plant PU-Elastomer has been engaged in the processing of castable polyurethane elastomers since the year of 1977, and it became the market leader in Hungary during the past decades.We have been manufacturing our products from many brand-named and cross-linked structure, two-and multi-component polyurethane raw materials. The most important feature of the polyurethane systems, processed by us that they combine the toughness and durability of the plastics, with the flexibility of the rubber.

Professionals of the plant with their several decades of experience in the operation, and our flexible manufacturing system allow us to be able to serve in addition to our standard products from the stock (bars, bushings, rings, leaf springs, gas-and water tightenings, flanges, star-clutch linings, etc), and we can also realize unique, individual needs in the course of a short time. Thus, beyond the catalog of available selection of products any kind of products, corresponding to any demand can be produced by us. - Please look for and cointact our coordination manager!