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The PEMÜ Plc. since its founding in the year of 1959, has domesticated a number of plastics processing technologies, divided into three groups its plastics processing operations according to the profile.The Technical Plastics Injection Moulding Business Unit (TPIMBU) has been dealing traditionally with the manufacturing of the injection- molded, extruded and molded products.The Specialty Plastics Business Unit (SPBU) has been covering of the changing needs of the plastic industry by the production and the processing of the silicone, PTFE, and polyurethane products..The AUTO-PUR Business Unit (AUTOPUR) is at the disposal of the participants of the automotive market with the production of the polyurethane foam parts - blinds, sills, pillows . In order to meet the changing needs oas a new circle of products we try to open towards the population additionally to the industry with the viscoelastic foam (remembering foam - memofoam) products.



Silicon rubber (PEMÜSIL) [read more...]

Our products made from siliconrubber are produced from the most excellent raw materials of the best market leading manufacturers . Their common features are their high ozone,- and heat and cold weather-resistance, that is theirhigh temperature performance and their excellent electrical properties, respectively.

PTFE (PEMÜFLON) [read more...]

PTFE is a material, which is absolutely resistant to chemicals, it has extreme low- sliding friction ability and very good temperature-resistance. This explains the wide-range spreading of it in almost all areas of the industry. PTFE has become a phenomenon among the modern plastic materials. The combination of excellent properties of PTFE has made this material in every industry and research an indispensably essential substance.

Polyurethane foam systems [read more...]

The polyurethane (PUR) is a thermoplastic plastic material with almost limitless possibilities. Long-standing component of our everyday lives.It consists of two components, that are made acccording to a special recipe, (A - polyol, B - isocyanate) from which based upon the quantity and quality of ingredients and the mixing ratio of the components hard, semi-hard and soft foam materials, pouring masses, soft or hard elastomers can be produced for a wide variety of usinhg applications. The different versions of the PUR A are versatile, universal and indispensable materials suitable for use in durable applications.


Cast polyurethane (PEMÜPUR) [read more...]

Our cast polyurethane products are marketed by us under the brand names of PEMÜPUR what we manufacture , cross-linked structure high quality polyurethane raw materials. Over the past 25 years period of our activity we wew able to introduce our cast polyurethane products into very broad technical field of application., which have been made possible among other things, the numerous beneficial, advantageous properties of the materials, the flexibility of the processing technology and its relatively low expenses.

AUTO-PUR [read more...]

Sun -visor [read more...]

The manufacturing of automotive parts and sun -visors belongs into our basic main profiles and there are almost no any big-named trade-marks, brands, with whom we would not be related. Basically we apply three types of technology during the manufacture of the sun - visors. Acvcording to th ehe customer's needs, wishes,it may be produced from PU (polyurethane), PP (polypropylene) and it may be manufactured by the way of the so-called. "Sandwich-technology ".

VISZKO memory-foam ('remembering foam') [read more...]

At the manufacturing of our Memory Foam viscoelastic, ergonomically formed pillow- and mattrasse family we apply the moast up-to date developments reached on the field of the healthy sleeping and additionally we use the already already well-established classical materials to provide you with the quality of relaxation after a day of arduous, pains-taking work. What is valid for the so-called Viscoelastic pillows, the same can be said for Viscoelastic mattresses.. The taking into account of the excellent mechanical properties, the anatomical aspects, the retenting flexibility and the health criteria all of them played a role in the design and construction of Viscoelastic Mattress.


Injection molding [read more...]

From any kind of thermoplastic raw materials, from a few grams up to 20 kg in weight , the manufacturing of automotive parts, shut-off valves, joining piece parts, large - sized transportation containers and compartments,bins, garden furniture, industrial mass products, technical products, by the application of standard, TSG, air-press technologies.

Extrusion of sheets [read more...]

Manufacturing of polyolefin sheets from 2 mm-up to 20 mm thicknesses in 1,5 x 3 metres basic size and in arbitrary lengths..

Tailoring of sheets [read more...]

The FŐTÁV (Munincipal District Heating company) and the PEMÜ Plc. have developed the patent-protected procedure: HPO Registration Number: 1369 for the beneficial solution of the complex and diversified problem on the field of the district heating and of the hot water central-heating in the circle of the expansion tanks .

The production of pipesPolyolefin pipes from 16 to 160 mm in diameter, for the sewage disposal, for the water and gas pipelines construction and for other special uses - floor-heating pipes (floor), brake pipes,covdering pipessheaths, food production lines.CompoundingManufacturing of TR, special PS, PP, PE, PVC products. Manufacturing of polymer alloys, filled, associated systems, which satisfy the requirements of various application-technical areasl..

Manufacturing of pumps [read more...]

HNP (KT) pumps [read more...]

The PEMU-KT chemical pumps, single-stage centrifugal pumps.

General chemical pumps [read more...]

The pumps are suitable for the transportation of the clean, neutral and aggressive, alkaline and acidic liquids inorganic and organic acids, the transportation of salt solutions,against which the structural material of the pumps, the PP (polypropylene) has an adequate chemical resistance ..




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