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In the course of the manufacturing of our visco-elastic, ergonomic Memory Foam pillows- and mattrasse-family on the territory of the healthy sleeping we apply the most up-to-date developments and addition to it we use the already well-established classical materials to provide you with the quality of relaxation after a day of arduous, pains-taking work . This can not be provided by the most of the traditional acrylic cushions and lying surfaces..The results of this are the following: shallow sleeping, shoulder, neck or hip and lower back pain, and that after awakening, you are still depressed.

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That is valid for the so-called Viscoelastic pillows, the same can be said for Viscoelastic mattresses.. The taking into account of the excellent mechanical properties, the anatomical aspects, the retenting flexibility and the health criteria all of them played a role in the design and construction of Viscoelastic Mattress. We need to develop such kind of lying surface, which takes into account the specific forms of the human body and its weight distribution, ergonomic considerations are crucial in this, the essence of which: the enforcement of the personalized comfort and anatomical characteristics.

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The noise is defined as an unwanted sound, and for the majority of people uneasy. The noise is practically always is present in the human environment, fdor example such as ambient noise, acoustic noise, wind noise, machinery noisej, electrical noise, the noise of living rooms, etc.. Therefore, nowadays besides the heat- insulation, now the sound-insulation plays an increasingly important role in the homes, buildings, and in soundproofing rooms. There are two possible ways to filter out ambient noises: eliminating the source of the noise or the intervention into the noise propagation path . Because of the technical limitations the second option means the easier solution.
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Soil - probe

The geothermal soil - probe is one of the most dynamically increasing solution of the alternative energy production. The essence of the procedure is that the pipe - pair of the soil - probe is pressed by us at the laying procedure towards the wall of the bore, so the heat transfer is at least 20% better than in the case of the competing products offered on the market.

- High degree of efficiency,
- An excellent technical solution,
- Price - value ratio is the best on the market
- 50 year expected duration of llife, including the warranties of 12 years,
- A significant experience in laying activity

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