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From the foundation year of the PEMÜ Plastics Plc. until to the present day the the company has grown into one of the largest plastic processing Hungarian company . Since the establishment of our company it was always at the front of the processing of new raw materials andin the domestication of the advanced plastic processing technologies.

For the sake of the satisfaction of t he ever-higher levels of the customers' expectations, the operation of our firm has been being supported since 1995 by the ISO 9001 certified quality system. In result of the conscious social responsibility of the management we have integrated into the corporate management system, - existing since 2000 - also the ISO 14001 certified environment-protectional management system. This integrated management system have been developed by merging.of the existing,  well-operating QMS and EMS systems. Our goal is alwaysthe continuous development of theintegrated system. There is in the focus of it the customer!s interests and the maintainiung of the natural values, by which we wish to achieve sthe customers' satisfaction and the sustainable growth in harmony with nature.



Quality and Environmental Management