50 years old PEMÜ (2009)
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50 years in the forefront of the Plastic Manufacturing Industry

2009 is the jubilee year in the life of the PEMÜ.

Pest County Plastic- and Toy and Commodity Industrial Company, in its abbreviated name the PEMÜ. has been established on the of April in the year of 1959 that is exactly 50 years before by the Pest County Council.

TN_homlokzat_02 Pest Megyei Műanyag -és Játékáru és Tömegcikkipari Vállalat - 1959


The present management of the company felt it was proper to commemorate this anniversary. The staff responsible for these tasks started already last year the planning, organising. The scenario included three main topics:
  • the design and establishment of a memorial,
  • the issuing of a publication, which processes the half-century history of the PEMÜ,
  • as well as the organization of a ceremonial meeting in the PEMÜ Sports Hall with the presence
    of the founding members and with the presence of the current and retired workers

Memorial Emlékmű

There is the Jubilee memorial next to the main entrance and although big inauguration ceremony has not taken place, we can surely state since the placement of it, that for all of us is very kind this  "milestone".

The 'history of "PEMÜ" book', has also been published and there is the joyful experience that everyone is happy to take into their hands.
600 copies have been made from it, and now, we have to pay attention to keep some copies to be archived.

TN_pemubuli01 50 éve
TN_pemubuli02_vip Alapítótagok, nyugdíjasaink

The event, held on the of May turned out well beyond all of the expectations.
It was a very cheerful and pleasant meeting, for which nearly 300 people were coming, and they left with good feelings - many people only at that time when the musicians began to pack.