Injection mold products
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Our products

  • Automotive parts
    Outdoor and indoor decorating elements, coverings, accessoreies for automotive industry.



  • Household products
    We mainly produce the coverings, accessories of the household appliances, in different colours, from different, high-quality technical plastics, in small and high volumes according to the customer's needs

  • Waste storage containers and accessories
In our injection molding plants we manufacture from 35 to 200 litres volume of waste containers. Different coloured, supplied with lids for household and industrial environments, consisting of standing and wheeled designs and for a variety of purposes. - These products are for the selective waste collection is also suitable


  • Meter-shaft covers
  • Easily treatable outdoor elements, very resistant and heat-resistant products usable for population and for industrial purposes (-20 oC + 80 oC)



Size of product Material Colour
D 400 LPE black
D 500 LPE black
D 650 LPE black

  • Trampling grid for livestock farming purposes
    These are flooring elements used in the large-scale and backyard livestock, which are easy to use, water-washable, very durable and heat resistant (-20 ° C? + 80 ° C)
Size of product Material Colour
500 * 425 * 10 LPE nature, white
500 * 425 * 30 LPE gray

  • Lamp-shell and its units for public lightning purposes
  • Lamp elements, suitable for public and space-lightning purposes lLl




  • PP, PE olefin, fittings, forms, assemblies
  • Floor-heating additional elements, clamps
  • Parts for lawnmowers 
    We manufacture the additional, complementary elements for lawnmower, suitable fotr industrial and household purposes. IN DIFFERENT COLOURS, FROM THE RAW MATERIALS, SPECIFED BY THE CUSTOMER.

  • Parts for the pumps

PP, PE olefin, fittings, forms, assemblies