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The injection molding is the the most versatile and the most dynamically developing, intermittent (cyclical) process from among the methods suitable for the manufacturing of polymer finished products. Its basic principle is that the polymer material (granular) - which has a low viscosity smelted condition, when heated above its melting point and after that we fill it with high speed, through a narrow intake port, inlet into the closed injection molding tool.

As regards the injection molding we can tell iIn general that by the application of it we can produce arbitrary 3-dimensional, molded products are manufactured in one step, virtually debris-free, because the non usable parts of the products may be re-granulated and they become re-usable. The application of this technology is mainly efficient in the case of large-scale (more than 10,000 pieces ) serial number, and with a high degree of automation, by this way compensating for the high tooling expenditures and reducing the need for labor.

We purchase our raw materials from the certified suppliers only. Main suppliers of ours:


Dow Europe GmbH (company operating since 1952, with the main profile is the production and distribution of particular chemicals, plastics and agricultural products);

Innocomp (Homopolymer, manufacturer and distributor of block- and random copolymer -based compaunds);

Sabic Hungary PP compounds, maker and distributor of the associated homo-and copolymers, which increase the mechanical properties;

PolyOne (manufacturer, distributor of masterbatches, pigments, additives, compaunds.);

During the production depending on the properties of the desired product, thermoplastics are being processed by us. According to their structures we differentiate between amorphous and crystalline materials. Some of our raw material used by us, and the products made from the:

Amorphous structure materials

    • ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene):This is a chemical-resistant raw material having high strength, impact-resistant, well-formable, with broad range of application. Due to its high surface brightness the covering plates of the household appliances,the accessories of them and automotive parts are made of it by us.
    • ASA (acrylic-styrene-copolymer) and PS (polystyrene): Due to their weather-resistance these are the raw materials of the outdoor lighting fixtures, lamp bodies and lamp shells.

Crystaline structure material

    • PE (Polyethylene) It can be classified according to its density and to the ramification of the polymer chains,into three main classes (low -, medium -and high density). We produce from it meter - shaft covers, automotive parts (wheel-covers).
    • PP (Polypropylene): Due to the good resistance capability we use it for the manufacturing of the flooring and pump parts for the large-scale and backyard domestic livestock animal husbandry.
    • PA (polyamide): Due to the good resistance to abrasion the automotive components are manufactured from it by us (fixing pins).

The above-listed materials are processed in the form of granules by us. In the interest of the he greater strength and dimensional stability we apply also associated materials with fiberglass and talcum filling material. According to our customers' demand, we use also different types of additional materials: for example additives to ensure flame resistance and UV stability.

Our injection molding machinery - park are continually up-dated, flexibly adapting to the needs of the circle of the clients. Thus, the production is helped also by the  odern CNC control, robot assisted product removing and movements. The work of our business unit is also supported well equipped with modern CNC -machined tooling - plant and maintenance plant, which ensure the conditions of the continuous and uninterrupted production, and actively participates and contibutes to the local solution of the production and repairs of the tools.

Our business unit has the following equipment for injection molding