Injection molding product-circle
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Our professional activity encompasses the injection molding of the small, medium,and respectively large plastic thermoplastic materials (from 10 to 6000 grams, 25 - 2000 tons locking power, the pipe and sheet extrusion of polyolefins [PE, PP], the tailoring from the extruded semi-finished products, and the manufacturing of the traditional, and up till now is still irreplaceable KT chemical pumps.



The significant part of our products is composed by the autoimotive parts which are delivered by us for the Assembly Plant of the Hungarian Suzuki Ltd. in Esztergom for the AUTÓ-PUR Business Unit of the PEMÜ Plc



We also produce the auxiliary elements of the household appliances, distributed in Hungary and abroad also, mainly for the Electrolux Company



In the production of our parts for the lawnmowers our main partner is the AL-KO. In addition, we manufacture waste containers of various sizes and shapes and their complementary parts, lids, fixing pins. We produce also meter-shaft covers, usable in domestic and industrial environments, flooring elements, applicable in the livestock farming in different sizes, from the materials according to customer's request.

Our extruder plant from the semi-finished products of our business unit is manufaturing (pipes, plates, plumbing fittings) according to the individual demands, storage racks, covers, separate pools for industrial and hobby purposes. Our raw materials are high UV-resistant olefins, which after the precision tailoring operations, we compose by welding technology for our clients in self-supporting finish, or in reinforced with metal framing finish.