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Unmatched feeling of comfort, technology of the future - viscoelastic pillow

In the course of the manufacturing of our visco-elastic, ergonomic Memory Foam pillows- and mattrasse-family on the territory of the healthy sleeping we apply the most up-to-date developments and addition to it we use the already well-established classical materials to provide you with the quality of relaxation after a day of arduous, pains-taking work . This can not be provided by the most of the traditional acrylic cushions and lying surfaces..The results of this are the following: shallow sleeping, shoulder, neck or hip and lower back pain, and that after awakening, you are still depressed. viscoparna-prnagyermek

By what can we create the optimum conditions of the quality rest ?

Such kind of lying surface was needed, which takes into account the specific form of the human body, in this matter the ergonomic aspects are decisive, the essence of which is the enforcing of the personalized comfort and anatomical characteristics both in the cases of the visco-elastic pillows and of the visco-elastic mattresses. The anatomical design of viscoelastic pillows mean that it should take up the form of the neck, shoulder and head, while the pillow remains flexible and evenly distributes the weight which presses it. It must not be neither too hard nor too soft. Lying on one side of the body position its role is to fill the head - shoulder distance, so that the neck does not be fatiguated. All these are served by the so-called Memory Foam - viscoelastic material with its special cellular, spongy structure, which always returns to its original shape after use, a NASA - developed product on the area of the space research.
The spongy structure has an additional advantage of being ventillable, may be obtained in antibacterial finish also and do not become overheated, so by this way a particular emphasis is put on the health factor. The main advantage of antibacterial version that is resistant to fungi, bacteria and pests - and because of theses facts, it is also can be recommended for allergy sufferers. Due to its ventilation it has a natural deodorizing effect, and in addition to it reduces fatigue and helps the metabolism.
The joint and simultaneous usage of the visco-elastic mattresses and pillows has a complex effect on the body harmony, health status of our organisation - it resolves the blocks of the - so-called ' Governor Meridian "in the back-bone, that is in the spine line , and has beneficial effects on the muscle-spasms and also on the veins-spams.

The Memory Foam has a big advantage which is that by absorbing of the pressure of the body the neck, shoulder and back muscles are relaxing - and yet they are leant - (that is why happens the reduction of the pains in the painful joints or they can also disappear depending on the size of the sickness, -the inconvenient lying, the headache and the numbness are eliminated), better blood circulation. The number of the changing of the positions may be decreased , so everyday use of it ensures deeper sleeping and at waking up you are more rested !

Our Memory Foam pillows-family includes both small, medium and large sizes as well, adapting to your needs, to the different body dimensions, provided with different cotton cases to cover the pillows.

The viscoelastic pillow is sewn to an internal cotton case cover, which does not require washing, but in addition there is a washable cover, which are equipped with a pull-or velcro. Your can choose among from various covers according to your the needs and there are such kind of covers which are also scented. Among hese perhaps the most popular are aloe vera, chamomile, and the Fresh Edition. These fragrances - in addition to the already described anatomical properties of viscoelastic pillows - have a beneficial effect on health and is recommended for use!

The viscoelastic pillow and the technology

What is hidden in the viscoelastic pillow?

The Memory Foam ( remembering foam ) viscoelastic material has been developed by the NASA in the USA in the 70-ies in the framework of the space-resarch with the purpose of pressure-reduction, then it started its world-dominateng tour from the 90-ies. The Memory Foam has excellent mechanical properties- it is such kind of viscoelastic material with-open cellular structure, which is softened by the effect of the temperature, pressure of the body and by this way it takes up perfectly the shape of body and support it without counter-pressure ( that is it absorps the presure). viscoparna-nasa-logo1

The advantage of an open cellular structure that allows the free air flow in the pillow and it keeps the body temperature, and does not become too warm. After the termination of the pressure the special determined cellular structure slowly regains its original shape.

The types of the viscoelastic pillow

Basically, two types are produced by us::
  • one is the traditional foamed viscoelastic pillow sewn into an internal cover with additional protecting cover,
  • the other pillow is made of Memory Foam grit.

The viscoelastic pillow can be easily transported, packaged, and during its long life it always returns to its original shape.