AUTO sun-visor
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1. Sun-visor - the product

The manufacturing of automotive parts, sun-visors belongs to our main profiles and there is almost not even a big-name brand, with whom he would not be related. You can see things correctly if you visit us! The difference is striking. In the course of the manufacturing of the sun - visors we provide various carrying- bodies with PVC film coating and after it we install the mechanical elements required for the, fixing, mounting and moving .
The sun-visors may be equipped very diversely. From the simple basic design providing only the function until to the types, having extra services . Such services are for example : the mirror, the lighting, the mirror locking - doors, slidable shaft design, etc.. The foil may be supplied with pocket, inscription, label.
As regards the sizes we can undertake the manufacturing from the only 15 * 10 cm passenger-car sun-visor to the more than 1 m -length truck sun - visors. Shading in the top flight. Let thembe : automobile, lorry, truck or other vehicle.

2. Sun-visor - the technology

Basically we apply three types of technology during the manufacturing of the sun-visors. According to the customer's needs, wishes, the sun-visors may be produced from PU (polyurethane), PP (polypropylene) and by the way of the the so-called. "Sandwich-technology".

Manufacturing of foamed polyurethane body

Before the foaming a copper -coated steel wire-framework will be formed, on which there are equipped the structural elements, necessary for the fixing, operation of the sun - visor . The bending and mounting of the steel wire-framework are performed on special target machinery. The desired shape sun - visor is put on the framework, thus formed by the way of foaming .

Manufacturing of polyurethane foam bodies

The raw material of the bodies which were made of polyurethane is supplied by a member of the BASF Group Elastogran Kemipur Ltd. for the PEMÜ. The foaming is carried out by us on a Desma type foaming equipment with carousel design. There are 18 tool - places on the equipment, on which 36 different types of forms may be placed.

2. Sun-visor with die-cast PP body

The polypropylene body is formed by injection molding, and because of its rigidity it is self-supporting and does not require carrying wire framework. Those elements which are needed for the fixing, ooperating may be directlymounted on the body. The body is made by the fitting of the two injection mold parties and it has a so-called Shell design. In general, the injection molding tool has an etage- system, because of the the large surface area and of the relatively low weight in order to avoid problems caused by clamping force. After the injection molding the spring is inserted, and after the crushing of the two halves the foil, film is weldable on the sun-visor body . The advantages of the PP body are the exceptional durability, strength and the good aesthetics appearance. In the case of bigger series the manufacturing costs are lower. napellenzo-tech2-01

3. Sandwich structure sun-visor bodies

The sandwich structure sun-visor bodies, similarly to the foamed PU bodies are built on wire framework.
Instead of the foaming, here the body to be coated is made from die-cut sponge-sheet, formed to shape, having cardboard reinforcement. The die-cut sheets are fixed to each other and and to the wire framework by hot-sticking. The advantage of sandwich structure sun-visors is the easier and faster production.

The welding and assembly of sun-visors

We fix the PVC-filml, creating the coating with high-frequency welding proces supon the bodies with various designs. The wrinkle-free coating is formed by us with the utilising of special welding devices. The mounting of the fixtures, fixing elements is performed by specially-designed target machines and by ultrasonic welding.
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