AUTO Matress
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What is valid for the so-called Viscoelastic pillows, the same can be said for Viscoelastic mattresses.. The taking into account of the excellent mechanical properties, the anatomical aspects, the retenting flexibility and the health criteria all of them played a role in the design and construction of Viscoelastic Mattress.
We need to develop such kind of lying surface, which takes into account the specific forms of the human body and its weight distribution, ergonomic considerations are crucial in this, the essence of which: the enforcement of the personalized comfort and anatomical characteristics . The mattress is practically produced from a special combination of a flexible molded foam and a viscoelastic layer, forming several layers , and dividing the lying surface into 5 zones and by this it supports the weary body and the pressing weight is evenly distributed. The Memory Foam (remembering foam), developed by the NASA on the field of space research has a big advantage which is that by absorbing of the pressure of the body the neck, shoulder and back muscles are relaxing - and yet they are leant - (that is why happens the reduction of the pains in the painful joints or so can also disappear depending on the size of the sickness, -the inconvenient lying, the headache and the numbness are eliminated), better blood circulation. The number of the changing of the positions may be decreased , so its everyday use of it has a complex effect on the body harmony, health status of our organisation - it resolves the blocks of the - so-called ' Governor Meridian 'in the back-bone, that is in the spine line , and has beneficial effects on the muscle-spasms and also on the veins-spams, it ensures deeper sleeping and at waking up you are more rested ! The spongy structure has an additional advantage of being ventillable, may be obtained in antibacterial finish and do not become overheated, so by this way a particular emphasis is put on the health factors. The main advantage of antibacterial version that is resistant to fungi, bacteria and pests - and because of theses facts, it is also can be recommended for allergy sufferers.
The Viscoelastic Mattress on the long term may help you to create the conditions for a full-value sleeping! We are manufacturing them in various sizes and covers according to the different needs. You can choose from a variety of scent,from among them perhaps the most popular are the Aloe vera, chamomile, and the Fresh Edition. These fragrances - in addition to the already described anatomical properties of the viscoelastic mattress - also have a beneficial effect on health and is recommended for use!


Scented covers

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has four main properties: anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibiotic and regenerative. Aloe Vera has a high enzyme content (92-type enzyme), which make it a rare and valuable source of enzymes. The enzymes help that the essential nutrients may be absorbed in the organisation of the body, while also at the same time help the cleansing of the body.
The Aloe Vera reduces the side- effects of drugs and strengthens the immune system while helping to evacuate the body of accumulated toxins. Aloe Vera penetrates into the skin four times faster than the water. It regenerates the tissues in the normal developmental phase of the cells. Its components are beneficial to the skin and to the connective tissues. Stimulates the growth of new skin cells and removes the died skin cells.

Chamomile , medical grass (Matricaria recutita)

The essential oils in occurring in the chamomile have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungitic, antiseptic and regenerating effects. It relieves the symptoms of flu: viral and bacterial respiratory infection, coughing, and in the case of these disorders its stimulatory effect may be felt on the immune system. The chamomile oil reduces anxiety in children, and has beneficial effects on hyperactive children, as mild 'sedative'.


Applying the fresh scent of lemon-zest it contributes to clean the air and contributes to strengthening the immune system. It is able to eliminate the headaches, tension, stress, capable of handling a real mood. It has remarkable antibacterial properties.