History of the firm
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1959. The foundation of the PEMÜ.
1970. The company has purchased technology and know-how from the Austrian company Anger.
1971. Teflon and polyurethane processing have been begun.
1972. The Zsámbék Plastic Processing Company and Ceglédi Shoe Factory have been attached to the PEMÜ.
1978. The Budapest BŐRFA shoe component ( lasts) manufacturing company has joined to the PEMÜ.
1981. The Qualiplastik Ltd. (Hungarian-American joint venture) has been established in Zsámbék.
1985. The KEMIPUR polyurethane System Ltd. (PEMÜ-B.A.S.F. Joint venture) has been founded in Solymár
1987. Auto Trade joint venture has been founded in Budapest , the start of the PUMA - PEMÜ cooperation.
1988. Multi Trade joint venture has been established a  beginning of the PEMÜ-TEVES (Germany) cooperation.
1993. Foundation of the PEMÜ-HAPPICH (Germany) Joint Venture for manufacturing of automotive parts in Solymár.
1993. Privatization. Formation of the MRP (Share Programme of Employees) Organization.
1995. Introduction and auditing of the quality assurance system according to the ISO 9001 and EN 9002 standards.
1996. The transformation of PEMÜ into Joint-Stock Company.
1999. The PEMÜ Plc. celebrates the Anniversary of the foundation of it .
2000. The Auditing of the Environmental Management System (EMS) in Solymár.
2005. The PEMÜ Plc. has repurchased its PUR-AUTO branch of business.
2009. The PEMÜ Plc. celebrates the Anniversary of the foundation of it .


The ownership structure PEMÜ Plc. Company

(Base Capital: HUF 800.000.000.-)



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