Injection molding information
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The Technical Plastics injection molding business unit is the the largest economic entity of the PEMÜ Plc., which primarily, mainly deals with the production of injection molded and extruded products. The highly skilled specialist staff of the business unit is able to effectively combine the traditionality,the experiences of the long professional past, with the application of the up-to-date technology and methods. There is in the center of our business policy is the maintaining of the reliable, consistent quality, which is a prerequisite for cooperation with customers for the successful supplier. To this end, our resources and our integrated EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001:2005 trype quality and environmental management system is being continuously developed by us. The business unit - operating plant QS organization, which support this is supervised by the TÜV Rheinland EUROQUA. Beyond of the regulations our control extends to the specifications of the digital colour measurement, identifying, and Geometric Dimension 3D and upon request to the laboratory level mechanical tests, thus ensuring the manufacturing of the products, which products best satisfy of the needs of our customers.

Pump plant
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The PEMÜ Plastic JSC. has been manufacturing plastic pumps since 1964 year. The quality has been improved by the help of new technical solutions, new materials used by us. In the plastic pumps all parts, that are connecting with liquids are made of plastic, especially polypropylene. Thus, these pumps are suitable for the transport of any liquid, against which the chemical resistance of polypropylene is appropriate. The metal-free internal design makes it suitable for the transportation of such kind of pure liquids, which might be contaminated by the smallest amount of metal dissolution. Based upon the users' experience and opinion the plastic pumps have been accepted on the various areas of the industry and agriculture and these plastic pums may be applied for he transportation of both clean, neutral, aggressive acidic and alkaline liquids.
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Plate Plant
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The Plate plant has been dealing with the manufacturing and tailoring of the extruded products since 1981. The most important property of the products manufactured from the polyolefin material, processed by us, that their chemical and impact resistance is excessively superior.
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