Product groups
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In addition to the standard products we naturally we undertake the meeting of the individual demands individual needs, (tooling, manufacturing, follow-up work), (tooling, manufacturing, follow-up work) also with short lead-times. Please contact us with your ideas by phone or in e-mail. by phone or in e-mail.

The cast polyurethane rods are semi-finished or finished goods produced in specified range of sizes range of sizes and in different hardness hardness .From this products unique machine elements, parts can be made by machine cutting or by other follow-up work. follow-up work.

Spring, bushing
The unique combination of the excellent properties of polyurethane elastomers ensures that the springs, bushings, made from this material can be used at the making of the punching, deep drawing tools, and for the replacement of steel springs. Our PU Spring designing aid PU spring designing aid provides guidance for the installation. alcsop_rugo

Flat Gaskets
One of the most important using areas is the wide variety of groups of seals. Most important of these is the so-called flat gaskets, utilized in the water and gas pipeline systems , which we are producing according to the standard mark (Na ..) and we are producing according to the range of sizes. These seals are made in PUA 90 Sh A material quality and they have drinking water permit application drinking water application permisssion, and pentane resistance certification upon request of the customer this is confirmed by us with the proof of quality certificate.

Permatight Gasket
The another group of great significance of the various seals is the water- cable gland, stuffing box seal (Permatight seal), which provides with its unique design of the proper sealing. We deliver the gasket with sleeve assembly in compelete range of sizes. alcsop_permatight

Other Gasket
Becuase of the wide range of hardness and wear resistance,flexibility of the castable polyurethans a wide variety of seals. eg, scraper rings, cuff gaskets seals other gaskets customized to customer needscan bew manufactured in a wide circle.

Plates, slabs

Due to the excellent wear resistance there is a very widespread application possibility, it is the coating of the wearing surfaces, with PU sheets. One possibility of the development of wear-resistant coating may be solved by the application and sticking of the various size and hardness plates and slabs..

Due to the high tensile strength characteristics it can be used, for example, as punching block also according to individual needs.


Film, foile
From this product-group the individual-sized and shaped plates, seals, shapes may be punched. Range of sizes and the material quality of it (hardness) covers a very wide scale. It is a product, manufactured in a centrifugal drum in 3 metres of length and in 0,5 metres of width in infinite size.

Snow plough edge, concrete industry scraper, cutting slat
Due to the excellent properties of cast polyurethanes (heat resistance, abrasion) a special field of application is the various sized and different shapes snow plough boards. The long life of the product range of and the attainment of different firmness without strengthening, make the adaptation to different road-surfaces possible as well.Takung into consideration of the resistance to wear and the easy shape-forming, the concrete industry widely uses urethane scraper slats. The 'cutting slats\' are priority elements in a variety and quality of the pulp and paper mills, machines, equipments. alcsop_egyeblec


The couplings are the structural elements capable of transmitting torque between the drivingmotors and machines ,they attenuate, eliminate the shocks and vibrations which are originating from the driven machine - generated during the rotation .
Our products manufactured in complete product-range- TITEK Couplings - also completely with metal housing can be purchased together. The application will helped bythe TITEK Catalogue.
In addition to it we produce clutch - linings in other dimensions and forms.

Casters, Wheel
The molded polyurethane rollers casters, wheels may be widely used because of the high tear strength, good abrasion resistance and dynamic loadability. According to the technical requirements these wheels / castors can be made of polyurethane elastomer more polyurethane elastomers Their selection of sizes and forms has a wide range and the casting of individial running surface and casting upon the wheel hubs are possible alike alcsop_gorgo


The cast polyurethane material is suitable for preparation of \ 'cylinder-coating \'The coating may be made by casting on the metal- axis, or even by the method of the posterior/" pulling on the rod". The cylinders may be finished by follow-up work (turning, grinding) to the desired size

Wear-resistent coatig
Due to their extraordinarily very good wear resistance properties the cast polyurethanes may be used to solve any tasks, in which the various machine elements, machine parts are subjected to very high abrasive effect.
These are generally individual needs.
The development of wear-resistant coating may be usually done by casting upon metal or by the sticking of slabs, sheets and films, foils.
The vibration machine-plate, which can be seen on the picture shows a coating made by casting on the metal.
Other structural elements
The process of the cast polyurethane processing -because of the extraordinary properties of the raw-material and because of the relatively simple tooling -is capable of the manufacturing of complex shaped parts, too.
Such kind of products are as follows eg: hidrocyclon, gear cornice, etc. ...
The cost of tooling of such kind of products, demand for volume (small series) in many cases represents a significant advantage compared to other plastic processing techniques