Product groups
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In addition to the Standard products naturally we meet the individual demands (pressing technology, extrusion, follow-up work) with short lead-times.. Please contact us with your ideas by phone or by e-mail.

There are of more than 250 varieties of profil-rubber in the product range of the plant, the use and installation of which in almost every area of the industry is possible. The individual demands, differing from the standard profiles, depending on their complexity are tooled up by us in even during one day, and we produce it.The colour, heat-resistance, mechanical characteristics of our profiles may be matched according to the demand. Our catalog would help the designers and maintenance professionals in solving their sealing technical problems and tasks. The printed format of the profile drawings provides 1:1 profile drawings for their work.
The stove-profiles and sets made from them form a special family of our profiles.First of all mainly seals for the household stoves and door-seals for catering stoves, autoclaves, special door-seals for sight-furnaces may be created from this type in individual or small-series design.Therir raw-material is in all cases of high temperature resistant PEMÜSIL compaund.The kits include the necessary metal hooks also, which are produced from high-strength galvanized steel plate.Our users only need to select the profile and the mounting points are to provided for us. The rest is our job!
Doors and wondows profiles
This group of our profiles is suitable for the solution of the additional heat insulation of the indoor and outdoor wood doors and windows,, metal workshop and garage doors, windows, and all of this may be performed aesthetically and economically. The installation, building in of them does not require serious skills.Aesthetically pleasing because the color of the profiles can be selected to the colour of the doors and windows, and economical because by the installation of them up even to 10% heating energy may be saved.The long life of the profiles is assured by the UV and ozone resistance of the PEMÜSIL raw materials. Our products are sold in both for private persons and for our dealer-reseller partners
Tubes, pipes
It is the broadest product line in our factory, what we produce by extrusion technology. There is no standard range of sizes, our manufacturable sizes range from 0.8 mm internal diameter until to 60.0 mm outer diameter, - The size of the finished product is determined by our client for us.Our dimensional production exactitude is +/- 0,15mmColour, mechanical properties, heat-resistance is also determined by our customer.. Our stock in warehouse is continuous from the industrial-usage usual, more-versed dimensions of pipes.
Medical tubes
This is the high-purity product-family of the plant, manufactured specifically for medical and human-health purposes, and because of the circumstances of production and elongated thermal treatment of it, it is suitable and certified for that purpose.Our selecion fo size , colour, heat-reisitance and mechanical properties are equals with the facts,specified at general tubes.In the case of our medical tubes you can choose the type of the basic material also. The product- family thus may be prepared from conventional peroxide or platinumcatalytic siliconrubber as well.
Plates, sheets

The silicone plates what are manufactured and marketed by the plant can be regarded as general assembly-technical plates. They are suitable for use on its own, as heat-insulating boards,as a curtain, but specific heat and chemical resistant flat gaskets also may be cut from them.Our plant performs also the preparation of unique circular flat gaskets.The 480x480 mm plates are made by pressing, the 800x600-mm plates are made by pressing and cleavage, the 1200mm rolls are made by calandering process. Their general manifestating form is the 60ShA hardness, transparent colour Of course, it is possible to meet the specific needs by the way of changing of the color and / or the hardness. Iin the case of the 1200 mm rolls unfortunately this is not possible.Our tables include the range of sizes , weight-table and availability of the plates

Pressed parts
This product-family consists the most heterogeneous product group of our plant, which includes everything that can be produced from our PEMÜSIL base materials, by the help of the press technology. Individual components, industrial and fashion items, push buttons, membrans, in short, any product which may be placed on our 500 x 500 mm press-tables on tooling level.We undertake null or small batch manufacturing with provided tools, tool-trials and managing of producion of any product, toolable according to our posssibilities from shape-designing to performing.
Our PEMÜSIL brand-name sealing cords are available between 1 mm and 40 mm in diameter. Our range of sizes consists of whole mm diameter-steps, we have indicated on our summary chart in green colour those sizes which we consider familiar, so these are on the stock is constantly held.
The hardness, heat resistance and color parameters of our cords are composed so as requested by our clients our stock is transparent having 60ShA hardness.
Our plant undertake the manufacturing of different from the range odf sizes, extra-sized cords after preliminary agreement, as regards this matter please get into contact with our coordination manager !