AUTO-PUR plant
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The factory unit was founded in 1990, as a joint venture of the German Happich GmbH and of the PEMÜ Plc.. . In 1997, the American automotive company Becker Group - cosidering the skilled workforce equipped and affordable - bought the company. The factory has operated under the auspices of the Becker Group as a factory of sun-visors, and obtained the QS 9000 certification.

In 1998, the expanding Johnson Controls was succeeded in the acquisition of Becker Group companies, so the Hungarian plant also became part of the new American company. Johnson Controls - seeing fantasy in the region and in the plant - has decided to acquire 100% ownership, and to purchase the stake of the PEMÜ.

Johnson Controls in addition to the technical improvements introduced at theirs companies the worldwide-used BOS (Businnes Operating System) system, which formed the basis for the collaboration of the company with the other Johnson Controls companies and with the center . The production area of the sun-visors during this period has been certified according to the standard ISO 16949:2000 and to the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Specialised into the production of the automotive parts and sun-visors brands we have produced and are currently manufacturing for such kind of car-manufacturers such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Suzuki, Land Rover, Volvo, Opel, Volkswagen and many more.

The PEMÜ Plc. in 2005 bought back the factory unit and as PEMÜ Auto-PUR business unit continued further the production of sun-visors of cars and then targeting new markets - expanding it's product range -utilising the so-called Memory Foam (remembering foam),developed by NASA using the viscoelastic material, and further developing, manufactures pillows for the European market of the IKEA (IKEA GOSA pillows). bemutatkozas-referencia-kepek-012
Our business unit began in last quarter 2006, the manufacturing of the so-called . viscoelastic pillows for the IKEA. The production was preceded by a year's work of designing and developing. The foaming rotary table and the forms were made in PEMÜ Plc... The manufacturing of the viscoelastic pillows began by the production of the IKEA Gosa Fast and MJUK ergonomic pillows, and then it was enlarged by the manufacturing of the mattrasses

Today, in addition to the manufacturing of the automotive parts and sun-visors the manufacturing of the so-called Memory Foam-based. viscoelastic mattresses and pillows has grown to become the two other major profiles. However, addition to the continuous, dynamic improvements in our target market expansion, we are open to any further production of PUR products. We are open to any further production of PUR products. The bodies are made of polyurethane raw material, supplied by a member of the BASF Group Elastogran Kemipur Ltd. for the PEMÜ Plc.. so our customers. can always expect the most excellent quality.